We listen and observe

Nobody knows your business, its aspirations, and its challenges, better than you do. So we start by listening: What are your goals and the internal obstacles to achieving them? How do you define success and measure performance? How do you think you need to change and why? We like to interview people from across the workforce to get as many perspectives as we can.

At the same time, organizations are complicated, their processes and behaviors often driven by unspoken values and assumptions. Breakdowns in clear, candid communication are common. Employees may be confused about their roles and responsibilities but afraid to say so. Misbegotten or outmoded systems of reward and recognition can undermine accountability.

The root causes of such problems often lie hidden, especially to insiders. So we observe team and work group meetings, among leaders and others, to discover what your processes and behavior say about your organization—things that people often can’t or won’t say.

We may also use proven measurement tools to assess group dynamics, morale, and other cultural characteristics of your company.

We develop workable solutions

Analysis is one thing, change is another. To craft effective, workable solutions, we work closely with company leaders and others who are responsible for driving change. These solutions may include:


– executive coaching

– team development at the executive and/or departmental levels

– adjustments to reporting structures

– work group reorganization

– new mechanisms for cross-functional coordination

– effective communications workshops and training

– rules for the conduct of meetings and their aftermath

– revised practices and standards of performance measurement

– changes to compensation and other systems of reward and recognition and recruiting priorities


We teach and advise

Change occurs when people and organizations develop new ways of working. Everything we do is focused on helping you do that: workshops, classroom-style lectures and discussion, group facilitations, one-on-one coaching, and more. It’s all designed not just to involve but to engage your employees, because their participation is more important than ours.

We help leaders understand the importance of effective communication and consistent behaviors—words and deeds—in creating a vigorous, supportive culture and leading change. We help managers and teams find productive, sustainable ways to interact both within and across functional boundaries. We help you align the operational expressions of cultural values, including compensation and other systems of reward and recognition, with your critical tasks.

We monitor and counsel

Change is a process. We monitor progress and results carefully and continuously—by observing, sometimes by measuring, always by asking how you assess your progress.

When it’s needed, we provide ongoing counsel to leaders and teams as they work to solve stubborn problems, fine-tune processes, and create a culture intent upon—and capable of—success.