Laura Hunt Newman

Laura Hunt Newman Laura Hunt Newman has been advising individuals and teams for fifteen years. She spent twelve years as a strategy consultant with The Monitor Group in Cambridge, Massachusetts, discovering early on that good strategy is important and great people are essential. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 organizations and teams to align architecture and capabilities to strategic goals. She has worked with cross-functional teams in multiple industries to boost the efficacy and efficiency of important (and usually urgent) decisions. She has advised dozens of leaders at critical professional (and occasionally personal) crossroads. She has designed and delivered numerous global programs aimed at high-potential leaders, to accelerate growth individually and organizationally. While Laura has deep experience in organization diagnosis and program design, her favorite part of the job is teaching (facilitation and coaching).

Most of Laura's practice focuses on public and private firms, but she also coaches high-potential leaders in education and nonprofit organizations.

Laura graduated from Williams College Magna Cum Laude with a degree in History Honors. She lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Dr. Todd Newman, two active children, and large (but not very active) Great Dane.