Our Services

Upstart Logic can work with your company in a variety of ways to help you cultivate exceptional leadership, construct productive teams, and develop a vigorous company culture. Typically, we engage with a new client on a specific project to achieve an identified objective. In many cases, this develops into a series of engagements focused on varied but specific challenges and goals. Most of our activities fall within one or more of the following categories.

Executive Development

Through one-on-one coaching, our consultants work with senior leaders to identify personal obstacles and play to their strengths, set appropriate and challenging goals, and optimize their day-to-day performance.

Team Development

We help groups develop into high-performing teams by finding the most effective ways to to work together. Many of our team-building engagements are with senior leaders, who can in turn apply the skills they acquire to the development of their own staffs.

Cultural Development

Working with the executive staff, with small groups or divisions within the company, or with the company as a whole, Upstart Logic consultants can help you develop one of your most valuable assets: a company culture that promotes productivity and innovation, integrity and satisfaction in equal measure.

Company Development for Start-ups

Start-up companies face extraordinary challenges: stressful conditions, intense time demands, limited resources. As founders struggle to grow a business and an organization, teamwork is crucial. Upstart Logic helps you build effective relationships among early leaders and lay the foundations for a healthy, productive company culture to support your growth.

Change Management

Mergers and acquisitions can result in a painful collision of corporate identities and practices. At Upstart Logic, we know how to help you create a healthy and dynamic synergy from the contributions of each company—blending teams, cultures, and vision to produce a sum that is truly greater than its parts.